• Experience15 years’ professional manufacturer of industrial furnace, specializing in field of cemented carbide.
  • Solutions provide customers with professional design and overall technical solutions. 
  • Strengthshigh-tech enterprise that integrates independent research,  production and customization.


15 years’ professional experience in manufacturing industrial furnace, specializing in field of cemented carbide.

Automatic Dewaxing & Sintering Furnace with Multi-gases Controlled

can be applied in dewaxing, sintering, degassing, brazing, heat treatment, etc., and is mainly used for dewaxing and sintering of cemented carbides.

Full Automatic Rotary Reduction Furnace

Tungsten Oxide or other metallic Oxide powder can be reduced by Hydrogen to produce Tungsten in this furnace.

Auto Pusher-Type 4-tube Reduction Furnace

To be applied in reducing Tungsten Oxide, Molybdenum Oxide and Cobalt Oxide powder into Tungsten, Mo. & Co. powder in Hydrogen atmosphere

Large Scale Horizontal Zinc Recycling Furnace

This furnace is applied in recycling of scrap Tungsten Carbide by molten Zinc process.