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  • 产品名称: Purification Furnace for Low-melting-point Rare Metal

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•Purification furnace is mainly used to eliminate impurities in low melting-point metals, such as Indium.

•Indium (Melting point: 156.61℃; Boiling point: 2060℃; Relative density:d7.30) is a metal with silver grey color, soft texture, and easy-to-melt property. Indium, in liquid state, can soak into the glass, and will leave a black mark on the surface to which it adheres.


Operation Principle

•When vacuum value is kept under 3Pa, heat the furnace temperature up to 1070℃ and keep it for 5 hours, the impurities within the crude Indium will extract and attach to places such as furnace body and furnace door, therefore purifying the crude Indium to higher-purity Indium.

•Then, transfer the purified Indium to another furnace with vacuum value under 3Pa and raise the temperature up to 970℃,keep it for 5 hours will further improve the Indium purity.

•Lastly, electro-refining or purification using refining furnace can convert the refined Indium into the final product of pure Indium.



•Support continuous automatic loading and unloading.

•User-friendly computer interface enables visualized operation, and supports self-defining functions to set up multiple processing charts.





Effective Zone (mm)


Effective Volume (L)


Max.Temp. (℃)


Ultimate Vacuum(Pa)


Capacity (kg)


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